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A versatile valve preamp for direct recording – the Holy Grail for the studio guitarist?

darkblue provides a quality range of overdrive sounds, with plenty of flexibility offered by the EQ   section. Despite the imposting 2U size and range of knobs, switches and connections, the darkblue is easy to use. The  front panel is clearly split into sections: input stage, tone, drive and master. The tone and drive circuits can be removed from the signal chain by means of independent on/off toggle switches, the blue LEDs glow when a circuit is activated. Similarly, the LEDs in the input and master sections will light when the unit is switched out of standby.

It certainly looks stunning, especially under dim lighting, but more importantly, it sounds great with plenty of flexibility for both live and studio situations.

for the player with a rack-based rig or a studio lifestyle, it could be just the ticket.

Adrian Clark, Guitarist Magazine 2007

'Having A/B'd it against every currently available DI modelling solution darkblue beats them all hands down.

It's quicker to operate and that's a vital thing for me. It just sounds plain better. Totally solid and real.

As a guitar player & engineer darkblue is the best solution. You can treat it as a real amp and add all your pedals in the front end and the loop sounds great.'

Stuart McCredie Terminal Music  Glasgow 2010

'I still plan to use darkblue as part of my rig when I get back to touring and may use it in the studio in July - its still going strong'.

Ally McErlaine London 2010




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