The Recording Load Box


Record your amp at huge volume with no sound coming out of the speaker!

Works with any guitar amp.

This is an upgrade of a design I did several years ago. At that time it received a 5 star review from Guitarist Magazine in 2008.

The concept is to be able to play your guitar amp loudly without disturbing the sleeping people at the end of your street - or even closer.

Plug this load box in line with your speaker lead coming out of the rear of your amp and switch between normal speaker operation and no sound from the speaker. The recording load box maintains a load across the output of your amp whilst the speaker is switched off. You don't even need a speaker plugged in.

You can either output to headphones direct via the centre jack output of the combi socket or using a standard XLR microphone cable, output balanced line direct to recording desk. Both outputs are speaker simulated and variable in volume. The volume control does not attenuate the speaker.

The recording load box can also be used as a simple DI box instead of miking up your amp. The difference from normal DI boxes is that the output is speaker simulated so you get the real sound of your amp coming out of the PA or recording desk.


Customer comments on the Load Box

I have to say I was VERY impressed with how the DI sounded through full range speakers. Having owned both a THD Hotplate and a Rivera Rockcrusher, I have to say that this sounds just as good (and perhaps even better!) than the Rockcrusher, and most certainly better than the Hotplate.
thanks for a great product and customer service!  TT Netherlands Nov 2104

It's an awesome product. FS California Sep 2014



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Dennis Marshall